Designed for grades 6-12, this course offers a good starting place if you are new to integrating data collection, manipulation, and display as part your citizen-science related instructional activities.  Specific projects will be highlighted in this course, including Project BudBurst, eBird, FrogWatch, Picture Post, and CoCoRaHS.  

This course assumes a basic familiarity with the concept of citizen science and direct experience with or participation in at least one citizen science project.  Familiarity with using spreadsheets is also helpful.  

This professional development course provides detailed information on incorporating pollinator observations at a Nativars Research Garden as part of your classroom or visitor experience.  Content includes basic plant phenology, pollinator biology, how to find or plant a Nativars Research Garden, and the protocols for making and reporting weekly pollinator observations.  In addition, this course provides suggestions for classroom activities.